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Our Daily Page is the heart of Journal 10+. Record your activities, thoughts, feelings & memories. Each Daily Page covers a single date. The page is divided into 11 sections, one for each year, with four lines for each individual daily entry. Enough room to record the day's events without the burden of creating a lengthy entry. Each year you will record your entry for that date on the same page, and so you get to look back and relive all your wonderful memories from past years.

No one plans to fail, but quite a few folks fail to plan. Begin each year with focus & purpose with our 11 Years of Plans section. Each year has its own page for setting goals and tracking your progress toward them. Record your personal goals & dreams, or those for your family. Refer back to this section throughout the year to stay on track, alter plans as circumstances change and celebrate each of your achievements


When you have a lot going on in your life four lines of text may not be enough. The Continuation pages give you the flexibility to expand your entries as needed. Record your daily entry and when you need more space, flip over to the Continuation page. Note your entry date between the dots on the left side of the page and then complete your entry. When you are done, return to the daily page and note the Continuationr page number by the +p symbol for future ease of navigation.

Keep track of less frequent events, such as:

  • Medical - doctors' visits, tests, prescriptions, etc.;
  • Automobile - for maintenance and repair records;
  • Insurance renewal
  • License renewals

  Two additional sections are left open for other notes and events of personal interest to you, perhaps children's medical notes, children's or grand-children's milestones, pet or hobby records or anyone or anything that is important to you.


Never forget another birthday, anniversary or special date in the Monthly Memo. This handy reference keeps you on top of all recurring dates. Spread over six pages with generous space for each month, you'll be able to plan gift and card selections well in advance and avoid the embarrassment of overlooking these meaningful events.

This section provides two lengthy lines for each address and telephone entry: one for the current information and another in case they move. Keep all your contact data in one handy place where you will always be able to find the information you need when you need it.


Plus there are even more user-friendly features
in Journal 10+, including:

 12-year calendar - great for long-range planning

Monthly planning or indexing pages

  • Adaptable graphic symbols on the Daily Pages
  • Detailed “How To Get the Greatest Value From Journal 10+” introductory section