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Wonderful heirloom for future generations!, January 19, 2009, Margaret Love "Bird Lover"
I bought my first Journal 10+ back in 1998 and it's been one of the best things I've ever spent my money on. Often, my husband will ask me what we did on a certain date and it's so easy to look it up. I also have our medical and financial records kept in it, as well as our weight, automobile repairs, etc. I just started a new one for 2009-2019 and also bought one for my brother. It's really a wonderful way to create an heirloom for your family, something to be cherished when you're gone someday.

Great product, January 13, 2008, Steven J. Rickard
About twenty-five years ago, my mother kept a few journals. For the most part, she jotted down a few sentences each day about what our family had done, who we'd visited, things like that. I ran across one of her journals last year, and was surprised by the memories they brought back. A sentence as simple as "we had dinner with the Buchners this evening" reminded me of people and events I hadn't thought of in years.

I haven't had much luck in keeping my own journals. I've bought several with the best intentions in the world, but then would go weeks, months and even years without making an entry. I recently read a review about a 5-year journal, and thought "perfect!" I went online to look for it, and ran across this journal instead.

I've been writing in this journal for two weeks now, and I'm very happy with it. It takes me less than two minutes to make my four-sentence entry. If I didn't make the entry the night before, I jot it down while I'm having my morning coffee.

The cover isn't leather; but it's a durable "leatherette" of the sort that covers inexpensive Bibles. I've got a Bible that my grandparents gave to me in 1976, when I was 9 years old. I didn't exactly take great care of it, and it saw heavy use (my father was a minister, so I was in church at least twice a week), but it's still holding together well. I fully expect that the cover of this journal will last at least as long. The journal is well bound, and the paper is smooth, heavy and real pleasure to write on. I also
appreciate the fact that the creator of this journal hasn't added anything "cute". Some of the other journals I looked at add annoying sections with titles such as "My Favorite Chuckle." This journal includes several blank pages, and if I want to add any "favorite chuckles" or other whimsy, that's up to me.

I've already recommended it to several friends, and will be giving my mother one for her birthday.

Life Changing! November 14, 2008, A. Hepburn
I am on year 5 of finding "journal moments" and what a powerful way to identify patterns.

If I had to pick one "thing" to take on a deserted island- there is no contest.

Starting another decade, November 8, 2008, J. Wilgus
Just finishing my first 10 year journal and ready for another decade. It has proved invaluable in recording the dates of events in our lives. Our family refers to it often. It has held up well and we'd be lost without it. Also excellent for recording medical milestones.

10 year journal, September 21, 2008, Dianne Hawthorne "Journal writer"
I have been keeping a journal every year since 1969, usually in a 5 year format. I therefore have 8 journals in my drawer. I have not been able to purchase a 5 year journal for some 3 years, and thought I'd have to have 1 year versions. How pleased I was to be referred on to Amazon site with information about a 10 year journal! I wish I'd known of its existence earlier, as it is perfect for my needs. Brief daily jottings, but plenty of room to add all I want to write, with some extra space if need be at the back. The quality of the binding is very good, and I am ready to start next year. Thank you!

Gorgeous and great, August 8, 2008, H. Wolfe
For the past ten years, I used two of Dorene Clement's five-year journals. Now, for my next decade, I decided to try this 10 year journal, and I really like it better. At first, I liked all the cutesy parts of the Clement journals (like "favorite song" and "favorite dream") but I got tired of them after just a few months, and eventually left them all blank. This diary doesn't have any of those non-essential features. It's pretty much just lines for writing. I even liked having the address book in the back, just because I had been thinking "I should really back up all the phone numbers in my cell phone in case I lose it" but hadn't gotten around to it; when I got this journal I copied them all into the back. The binding is a gorgeous dark green, and the setup inside is really nice and user-friendly. The circles and slashes on the writing pages are a little weird, and not necessary, but they're tiny, so no harm done. I will enjoy using this so much-- I'll be 35 when I finish it up, and I fully expect to enjoy writing in it every day until then.

Lifetime journal, June 14, 2008, S. Prince
This journal is wonderful. For anyone who wants to leave something of themselves for their family or just remember family events, this is great. There is enough room for daily enteries with extra pages if needed. I love writing in this family journal every evening. This product is priceless.

Journal 10+, October 17, 2007, S. Gilbert
The Journal 10+ provides a concise format for recording important events and keeping track of everyday life. I highly recommend this journal for anyone who recognizes the importance of keeping a record, but has a minimum amount of time for journaling. I am coming to the end of my current Journal 10+, so I have purchased the 2008-2018 edition for the next decade. It is amazing how often a family discussion has caused me to look back for a memory jog--What hotel did we stay at in Chicago five years ago? What was the name of the restaurant where we celebrated our 10th anniversary? What were we paying for gasoline in June of 2000 when we took that long road trip? Did it snow on Christmas day of '02?

Easiest Journal Ever, October 13, 2007, M. Townsley "heliothryx"
The 10+ journal is the best journal I have ever used. I keep a variety of journals, but this is my favorite because I can write a quick daily summary that is great to look back on as the years go by. Each month has a title page, so you can give each day a topic, the high point of your day maybe. The journal has come in handy when arguments about when a certain family event, vacation, or pet problem occurred. If you can remember the time of year and month you can skim the topic/title page and locate the event.

This is a great gift for a wedding, graduation, or birth in the family.

This will be my 2nd 10 year journal, November 29, 2007, C McGurk
Time does fly. . . 10 years ago I started my first journal, and after next month, will be starting another 10 year journal. It is good to look back and see who I was, what my dreams and goals were, and how I came to understand things along the way. Good to see what friends I had, what happened when, what trips we took, and what changed and impacted my life. In addition to writing, I pasted photos of new kids, new cars, marriage and graduation announcements, ticket stubs to concerts, movies, and art shows, and dried flowers from my sister's wedding. One learns how to connect with your inner self, and then try to express your thoughts in writing. Hard and awkward at first, but invaluable once learned. Even if you miss an entry, you can fill it the following year. Will definitely be the first thing I grab if told to evacuate due to the southern CA wildfires.

Journal 10+, January 7, 2009, Donald J. Ziehm
This is the second Journal 10+ I've purchased. There is plenty of room to record the day's activities, without feeling the need to make a long "journal" entry. Before each day's entry I review all the notes from that day for the last 10 years from the previous book,an enjoyable exercise. The beautiful leather cover and sewn binding make this volume easy to use. I'm very pleased with the quality of this product

Excited about format, December 27, 2008, Cajuntami
I have tried for years to keep a journal, and never stick with it. The format with this book, though, makes it easy. It has a page for every day which shows 4-line entries for 11 years, and it's not time consuming to write 4 lines. I love the month at a glance page which has a box for everyday of the month, spanning 11 years on 2 pages. Very cool to be able to glance at memory joggers in such an organized fashion. I use a different color pen for everyone in my family, so I can see at a glance which one-word entries go with certain people. Would have left out the address book pages; got a Blackberry for that. Otherwise, this book is perfect. Cover is durable and soft; wouldn't want leather anyway.

Great buy.

the perfect diary, November 17, 2008, Julie Lu "Reader of the Lost Art"
A friend recommended this journal. It's perfect for me. With just four lines to use (more if needed in back), I don't feel the burden of creating an entire entry. I love jotting down quick thoughts or observations of my days, a child's activity, a vacation memory, or an important event I don't want to forget. Even if the day is unremarkable, the short space invites the writer to forge a few impressions of the day. The ten-year comparison feature is bound to be invaluable in seeing the progression of the years! Worth the investment!

A journal you'll love even if you never liked journals before, May 21, 2008, Sue Mauldin
I was hesitant at first since I'm not into keeping journals but I really wanted to jot down a few things here and there now that I have 2 kids. This is perfect for just that and I've really started to enjoy using it. My sister in law recommended it and I'm so glad she did. I look forward to looking back at past entries (with this book's formatting, its easy to do that!) If you want to write a lot for your daily entries this won't work but for noting a few sentences each day its great!

The best diary ever, March 4, 2008, A reader
I ordered this for my neighbor after she saw the one I had been keeping for four years without missing a day. The entries are sometimes very brief or go to the add-on pages, but I always have time for something, even if it is just the weather. Invaluable resource in tracking medical history, etc. I highly recommend it.

easy to use, well worth the $$, January 18, 2008, S. Walker
I put off purchasing this journal for too long! What a great keepsake. Love that there's only four lines per day. No pressure to write a whole page. Plenty of carryover space in the back if there is "extra" for a special day. Easy to keep up, I write in mine every night after the kids are in bed. Can't wait to look back in time years from now and know what we were doing back when.

Fantastic for wannabe journal keepers!, November 30, 2007, Molly Sue
My mom has had this journal for 4 years, and when my first baby was born she gave me one for Christmas. I have tried for years to keep a journal and usually end up with only 2 or 3 entries a year. This journal has been so great for me because it takes the pressure off- only a few sentences a day, or if I'm feeling up to writing more, there the extra pages to do so. It has doubled as a baby book- I can flip through and find the date my daughter first rolled over, got her first tooth, had cereal, crawled, walked, etc. I'll be giving it to all of my friends as they get married/have babies. I love it!

I love my 10+ Journal!,
I started out in 2000 with the 5 Year Journal by Doreene Clement, but I ran over on so many days, and there were no overflow pages, plus every end of month/quarter/year there were all these questions about what your favorite movie/book/etc. was at the time. As a new mother, who had time to watch a movie? I found this journal in 2001, but alas, I had four more years to go on the one I had! When 2005 rolled around, I bought my 10+ journal, and I LOVE it! It has plenty of overflow pages, all located in one spot at the back of the book, with a place on each day to put what page your overflow is on. It's just enough room to write down what was important (kid got a tooth, said "mama" for the first time, got a promotion at work) but roomy enough for the days that I have a lot to say. My only fear is that I will run out of overflow pages before 10 years is up - I've been especially wordy this year! It is very neat to look back several years ago each day and find out what we were doing then. It's also a great way to be reminded of all the small blessings we have each day that we forget to be grateful for once they pass out of our minds. All in all, I can't think of anything I would change about the 10+ Journal!

It's a great business/personal tool
I purchased one of these 10 year calendars TEN years ago, used it for TEN years and just ordered a NEW one for the NEXT ten years. I use it for setting business and personal goals AND tracking the status of meeting those LONG TERM goals. I also use it to document business trips, visitors' visits, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, major purchases, major investments, relationships, and ALL important events. I highly recommend it.

A Great Way to Journal
I've had one of these for 2 years and love it. I write a little each day and now have a great record of my kids' early days. I would never have this much in their baby books!

I also use it to keep track of books I've read and movies I've seen. It's very flexible and has lots of extra pages to use as you see fit.

Journal: $40 -- Memories: priceless
I received my first Journal 10+ almost 10 years ago as a gift, and since then I've given one to almost every close female friend or relative I have. My Journal 10+ has become one of the most treasured posessions I have because it chronicles my life in an easy to record, easy to view way. I am not a diary or traditional journal kind of person, and I don't write in my journal every day (but I usually go back and fill in the days I've missed), but I now have almost a decade's worth of at-a-glance memories that I am so happy I wrote down. Even my husband flips through it occasionally to
reminisce. And now with three kids under the age of 6, I hardly have time to breathe, let alone write in a journal. But I only have to write a sentence or two and it will be in there forever, so I can look back in a few years, easily find a date in question and remember what happened. Even though I was given this gift before I had children, I realized how practical it was, and that even the busiest person could find time to jot down a day's events. I absolutely LOVE this journal and would recommend it to everyone.

Handy journal
I like this journal because it has actual dates in it, as opposed to a free-style journal. It's easy to look up what happened on a particular date. I was looking for a journal that just had short entry spaces per day, because I never have much time to write. This one fits the bill! There are continuation pages in the back if you really have a lot to say one particular day. I might have preferred a 5 year journal with slightly larger entries in it, but it will be nice to keep 10+ years together in one book. My kids are 2 and 3, and I can hardly imagine writing about them when they are 12 and 13! It'll be great to keep track of things they are doing.

Special gift for me!!!,
This book gives space for a SHORT entry for each day for eleven years. The beauty of this is that even busy people can jot down the highlights they want to remember without being intimidated by unlimited blank journal pages. But if they do get carried away occasionally, there are lots of "carry-over pages" in the back for just this. Also, all the entries for a date are on one page -- it's fun to see what you were doing on this date last year, five years ago, etc. On the month-at-a-glance pages I like to record when the first violets appear each year... The book is very helpful for accurate record-keeping, is loaded with nice extras and options for use...really helps a person "number his days" and hold the memories.